Welcome to your opinion

This site is an experiment.

It’s an experiment to see if we can create a community out of thin air.

This community’s purpose is to create a dialogue about What’s Really Happening Out There. Why? Because maybe, one day, we will all want to Do Something. That could be volunteering in Ecuador. It could be finally taking your first trip to Paris. It could even be going to the iTunes store and downloading a song by a new Argentinean funk band you just read about. The idea is that we will drive each other to taste, try, and listen to things we never have before, and in the process, maybe learn something ourselves, each other, and this world we live in.

I will post as many opportunities to travel, volunteer, read, listen, and interact as much as possible. Topics to be tackled will include (but not limited to): travel, culture, music, film, food, architecture, and politics to start with.

Do I know enough about all these things to know what I’m talking about? Of course not! That’s where you come in. Your job is to express your rawest and most searing thoughts and opinions. I humbly offer my posts as fodder for you to exercise your right to free speech. Please comment early and often!

Equipaje means ‘luggage’ in Spanish, and this site is meant to be carried with you, wherever you go, to accompany, inspire, and tickle your brain in all your travels. If all goes well, I have plans that it will become something larger, but we’ll have to see. In the meantime, use this site as an international playground in your room. Sandbox optional.

Un abrazo muy fuerte,


~ by Jeff on June 23, 2006.

3 Responses to “Welcome to your opinion”

  1. With your searing comments on the fatness of a certain player (Ronaldo), you have now incurred the wrath of an entire country(Brazil). You betta watch your back! Or, as they say in Rio: Tem melhor observa as seuas costas!

  2. Hola Jeff! I guess you’re back in the US. You finally didn’t come to Zurich, did you? That’s a pity, you’ll have to catch up on it. I finally got time to have a look at you blog. Very good idea! I could be your Swiss special reporter ;-). Un embrazo y hasta la proxima.

  3. Swiss special reporter! Hired!

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