Sun Country Airlines… never heard of it? Probably a good reason why…

So this isn’t a post of global relevance by any means, but it does involve traveling by air, which we all do enough, and since I just had one of the worst experiences doing so, thought I’d write about it.

I’m in Minneapolis workshopping 3 musicals I’ve composed the scores for (lovely city, this), and the theatre was nice enough to pay for my passage out here. Unfortunately, a multi-city request plus the economic realities of being a theatre company meant finding the lowest bidder, which happened to be… Sun Country Airlines (shudder).

Upon arriving at JFK, I had to squint to find a handwritten sign that said “Sun Country Airlines Check-In” with this squiggly black arrow underneath it, bad omen #1. Three pale, listless employees were huddled behind a construction area to check me in. Upon tagging my luggage, they told me to take it around the corner (no, no, over there. No, there!!) We then waited 1.5hrs on the tarmac with no idea what was going on. Finally, once we took off, the poor flight attendant, who was trying to do food & drink service by herself opened a can of diet coke that exploded (air pressure, people!) and she promptly dropped it square in my lap. Then, the first class attendant wouldn’t let me use their restroom to clean myself off. Meanwhile, they were *selling* pillows & blankets for $7. Ghettoooo…. Finally, when I retrieved my luggage, some guy’s aftershave had been spilled all over my bag, leaving much of my clothing reeking like Joey Buttafuoco on a first date.

Unfortunately, I get to fly them to LAX in two weeks (whee!!). If you don’t hear from me, check for my corpse somewhere in the Grand Canyon.


~ by Jeff on July 12, 2006.

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