Los C’oink’istadores


If you live in New York City and like to eat, this week is your lucky week. If you’re rich and don’t keep kosher, your luck just doubled. Thanks to mi compañero Nick for the wire: the Spanish delicacy of jamón iberico de bellota will hit your local Fairway and other fine grocers this week. This type of jamón (ham) is considered the richest in flavor and texture in Spain, as the pigs are kept on a strict diet of acorns, which contributes to their distinctly nutty taste (this is a good thing). While a chorizo sausage is going for the bargain basement price of $19.95, 2.2 lbs of lomo (the good stuff) will run you $214. You can usually tell a true bellota pig by looking for tiny dark black spots on the meat (in case you don’t believe the outrageous price tag).

Aproveche! Just make sure to reserve your angioplasty appointment ahead of time…


~ by Jeff on July 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “Los C’oink’istadores”

  1. aw…too bad i’m vegetarian now..

  2. 2.2 lbs for $214????? My brother was here last week and asked that, if nothing else, we could eat a plate of Iberico before he left. So he and I, a massive plate of sliced heaven and a swimming pool of sangria enjoyed ourselves for the rock bottom price of only 7 euros. Seems there’s a business to be had here. (ok, I only posted this to make Nick and Jeff jealous)

  3. There are different qualities of jamon. For seven bucks and a jar of sangria, I guarantee that it wasn’t Iberico but most likely normal Spanish cured ham, which is still delicious, but not in the same ballpark flavour-wise. Even in Spain, good ham is expensive. The least you’ll ever pay for a kilogram of Iberico is about 45 euros–and you can pay well over 100 per kilo for the very best–pata negra de bellota.

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