NYU Students Protest “Find the Illegal Immigrant” Hunt

And you thought JetBlue was embarrassed?

NYU’s College Republican’s club, apparently copying a game from Boston University’s Republican’s Club, was to hold an innocent little romp in Washington Square Park called, “Find the Illegal Immigrant”. The title character would be played by an actor who would somehow be designated “sin papeles”. The person who finds (and captures/apprehends/makes him mow their lawn/deports?) him will win a gift certificate. A planned protest organized by whoever it is that organizes these things turned out in force with over 600 students and one very vocally challenged folk singer:

Predictably, the issue of contention was that of “racism”, a charge which Republican Club President Sarah Chambers denies, and I have to admit she has a point. I guess that all depends on what the “illegal immigrant” looks like, although I have a feeling he might resemble George Lopez a little more than George Costanza.

It is, as Chambers claims, a matter of free speech and activism aimed against illegal immigration, however in poor taste. Couldn’t they just have taken internships for credit at the INS?


~ by Jeff on February 22, 2007.

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