Ojos de Gratis


Ojos de Brujo (Eyes of the Wizard), an 8-piece musical collective from Barcelona mixing flamenco, electronica and dub grooves, and even bangara beats, has recently been getting a lot of play time on my iPod. I know, such musical fusion Frankensteins usually offer up treacly fare that ultimately just ends up diluting everything and sounding like a weak Bebel Gilberto remix. But these cats can jam. They truly merit the term “collective” because it seems like they pick up more and more players wherever they go. It’s like, oh you can play that refrigerator box? Get up here! They’re more like an acoustic group that uses synths as steroids, to help beef up their deep pocketed grooves and add texture. No untz-untz-untz going on here, my friends.

You can check them out for free, since they’re being featured as the iTunes song of the week! Or, you can watch the video below, featuring some beautiful and trippy animation. Happy listening!


~ by Jeff on March 20, 2007.

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