Why do we allow malignant yahoos* to own guns again?


* Note: I recently changed the subject of this title from people to its current moniker because I do admit that some people (eg, active soldiers, law enforcement, Lewis and Clark, Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard movie at the end because if he didn’t have that gun duct taped to his back, there’s no way he’s saving his wife and getting out of that building…) have a strong argument for needing a gun. I still think we have a serious problem as to why so many people want them.

Believe me, I’m the last person who wants to point a finger in the air and say, “Michael Moore was right!” But can somebody remind me again why, oh why, do we allow such unrestricted gun possession in America?

Less than one month ago, there was a running shooting spree on Bleecker Street on a balmy evening at 9pm on the very block I once lived on with 3 brutally murdered including two volunteer police officers shot execution style, and the gunman killed by police after running out of ammunition.

Today, in “the deadliest shooting rampage in American history”, 32 students at Virginia Tech were killed today, not including the gunman who then shot himself in the head in such a manner as to significantly delay forensics identity tests. THIRTY-TWO students, most of them in a single classroom, others apparently “lined up and shot”.

Oh, wait. Right. We need to protect our constitutional rights to shoot quail and attorney friends of the Vice President. Or, the “tough” logic goes, we need to be able to protect ourselves from the crazy lunatics who would shoot up our schools and loved ones. “If only every student at Columbine High School had been packing! Things would have turned out differently!” Just taking two seconds to actually think critically of the consequences of this logic (just rent Dr. Strangelove if you lack the imagination) reveals the Neanderthal idiocy of it. Maybe if we had prevented the guns from getting out there in the first place, we wouldn’t have this problem. Obviously, it’s too late to cry over spilled milk, so instead, we might as well just spray the goddamn milk all over the place.

To lighten things up (and because I don’t have any new soluble ideas about gun legislation) I’m going to leave you with Chris Rock’s idea, which reveals an unsettling grasp of economic theory: (transcript follows below for the anti-streamers)

“Everybody is talking about gun control. Got to control the guns. Fuck, that…. No, I think we need some bullet control. I think every bullet should cost five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars for a bullet. Know why? Cos if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, there’d be no more innocent by-standers. That’d be it. Some guy’d be shot, you’d be all ‘Damn, he must’ve done something, he’s got fifty thousand dollars worth of bullets in his ass!’ And people’d think before they shot someone ‘Man I will blow your fucking head off, if I could afford it. I’m gonna get me a second job, start saving up, and you a dead man. You’d better hope I don’t get no bullets on lay-away!’ And even if you get shot you wouldn’t need to go to the emergency room. Whoever shot you’d take their bullet back. ‘I believe you got my property?’ That’s right.”


~ by Jeff on April 16, 2007.

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  1. I would encourage all gun-grabbers to sit and think about what the world would be like if guns did not exist. Here’s a little help for you: http://www.nationalreview.com/kopel/kopel120501.shtml. It’s not logical to have a fear of a tool, but it is very logical to fear some people.

  2. If there was no gun control PERIOD the crime rate would drop incredibly low… that’s just my opinion though…

  3. I guess my point is… Criminals would have more fear for us as good citizens… and would not be so quick to break the law… i understand your points on this subject.. and where your coming from… and I couldn’t agree more VT wouldn’t have been as bad if just a couple of those students were packing… I have a Handgun Carry Permit and carry every day… I have never had any crude thoughts of breaking out and shooting someone.. I carry just for the simple mind set “it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”… But I hope my opinions haven’t offended you and you will consider them with an open mind.. thanks!

  4. douche… i want to offend you… unlike chase. dude.. people like you boil my blood…. the reason no country dare invade the U.S. (especially from the south) is because there are an average of seven guns per household !! Who will mess with that?…
    another thing… its my right to protect myself from politicians who think like you… you would love to take away my freedom to legally and economically protect myself, my family, and my property from criminals who will carry regardless of the law. all you do with your f@cking regulations is make it hard for law abiding folks like me to help myself… you make me a criminal for wanting protection.. because come hell or highwater, i will have guns… you come to my home to take them i will shoot you… i have a right to them. the constitution of the U.S. says so

  5. There is no good answer to gun control. Yes they are accessible enough in America, some states being more restricting than others. But banning guns to the private citizen will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Removing guns completely will only create a black market for firearms. I don’t even think that prices would be much higher, at least not enough to deter even petty criminals (if africans can afford illegal guns, any lower class american can). Guns will become like many other controlled substances (i.e. drugs), sold by criminals to support their own organizations and activities. Gun-running will become much like drug smuggling. Criminals will continue to be armed, they just wont have to worry as much about whether or not the guy behind the liquor store counter they are trying to rob is armed or not.

  6. Guns are dangerous in the eye of the beholder. If you grew up with guns and used them for sport purposes then they’re a sport. If you believe otherwise you probably have no knowledge about firearm safety, and only listen to views of the media. No matter what you’re opinion is guns are part of the American Constitution; if you don’t like it go somewhere else, but don’t sit on this land and criticize our giving right!

  7. Honestly I had no idea this blog entry would create so much traffic and controversy. And most of the people commenting here have strong opinions contrary to my own beliefs. But great, I welcome these comments because that’s what freedom of speech is all about: the right afforded all of us by “the American Constitution” to dissent. Right?


    I love it whenever somebody says something as inane as “if you don’t like it go somewhere else.” I wonder where these people live or what kind of country they want to inhabit. I imagine a population of mindless zombies and sycophants would be their ideal neighbors. (It also doesn’t serve them well that they usually present marginal grammar skills either) But back to the point: if I don’t agree with a particular amendment written into law by other (fallible) men, why would I just up and leave my own country?

    It shouldn’t have to be said that the true beauty of the Constitution is its capacity to be changed. This is an innate property written into the DNA of that document by the men who created it who had the foresight to know that hell, we might make some mistakes! I’m not saying that I’m proposing a constitutional amendment to ban guns (although I would consider it given certain circumstances), but I am saying that touting the mere existence of the second amendment as the logical thrust of an argument in favor of unregulated gun ownership is a goddamn joke. As my friend Nils Olaf says, “We are born with brains. We should use them.”

    Now, I appreciate Nathan’s perspective that “guns are dangerous in the eye of the beholder”, because it’s very true: If a gun is pointed at me by a lunatic with “no knowledge of firearm safety”, I will behold that gun as incredibly dangerous. While I do understand the point Nathan is trying to make, and I do think learning how to fire a gun properly is a good thing, I don’t think educating the mass populace on proper weapons training will prevent psychotics from shooting people. Something tells me they didn’t mean to have the safety clicked on when they were busy shooting people.

    And you know what? I have a right to say that. Because it’s part of the US Constitution. So if you don’t like me saying it… by all means, stay. We might both still like it here.

  8. I’m sorry my grammar slip bothers you. I saw this post at 3am, and had no choice but to speak up for all people that own and properly use firearms… and yes you do have the right to your own opinions. I just can’t stand people that personally attack Americans for using their right to own firearms. That’s like me sitting here saying everyone that owns a cell phone is a complete idiot… yeah cell phones used properly are harmless right? Well I just got rear ended at over 40mph because someone found it more important to talk to their friend than to pay attention to the road. Fact is firearms have been here before you, and will be here after you. So please stop laying your ignorant point of view on people exercising there rights to firearms.

  9. “Fact is firearms have been here before you, and will be here after you.”

    I can’t say I understand what the point of that statement is, but OK. I agree this will bear out to be true. This will also more than likely be the case with HIV/AIDS, taxes, genocide, racism, and Joan Rivers. I guess life’s just a bitch.

    “So please stop laying your ignorant point of view on people exercising there rights to firearms.”

    That should read “their rights to firearms”. Sorry to keep harping on the grammar, but I used to be an english teacher, so it’s a knee jerk reaction and I find your accusation of ignorance in such a sentence to be incredibly entertaining. So thanks for proving my point.

    The fact is that I don’t have a problem with the concept or existence of the gun; I do have a problem with the reckless distribution and ownership regulation of them and their subsequent improper usage (ie, killing innocent civilians). And yes, as proven in your cellphone example, there is generally an idiot behind the device causing the problem. It just seems like idiots behind guns seem to be a bigger problem than those behind cellphones. And cellphones aren’t designed to kill things. That’s all.

  10. Jeff, you seem to be saying all the things that would have me think you grasp the real problem, but you’re oddly dancing around it.

    What I mean is, the very problem is not the guns, but the idiots behind them. It’s a societal problem more than a regulatory one. I live in Canada, and just got my Firearms license in January, and I’ll tell you that it was a bit too easy. Now, having said that, they do make you take a $200 course that ingrains safety into you, and then the actual fee for the license itself is another $80, but the entire process is very easy to fool. Since my experience wasn’t too difficult, I can only imagine how easy it is to walk into Wal-Mart or Costco, go to the gun counter, wait a half-hour for the background check, and buy your guns. If I’m not inspiring confidence, that was my intent. I will agree that it IS far too easy to obtain a firearm in your country. Although the regulations in both our countries are a little backwards (an example other than the one above being that many guns are banned simply because they look SCARY), I would still think we’re better off than, say, the United Kingdom. See, Britain has VERY restrictive gun laws, including a handgun ban. Yet their crime rates have SKYROCKETED.

    The problem there is that your average criminal does not walk into the local gun shop and pay the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price for a firearm. He just goes to some dude in some house in some slum, and pays a couple hundred dollars for a “saturday night special” (a really crappy, but really cheap gun). All the regulation and legislation in the world isn’t going to change that. What will counter that, is if our good friend Habib in the local convenience store has something a little more intimidating than a baseball bat or pepper spray (which is ironically illegal in my country) to fend off the young gentlemen with the saturday night special he purchased a few hours earlier.

    Alternatively, all the regulation and legislations IS going to stop a deeply troubled young Korean gentleman from tragically shooting a horrible number of his classmates, BUT it will not remedy the fact that he would still be a deeply troubled young man. I hope you see what I’m getting at here.

    For many years people cry fowl that guns are killing people (despite the mantra of some clever t-shirts), but they don’t seem to notice that what’s behind the gun is worse. They just set their sights (bad pun, sorry) on guns because they’re a much easier thing to blame. People generally don’t want to have to look at themselves and what they’re doing and realize that that person they may have teased in high school didn’t have the self-esteem to brush it off. They probably also don’t realize that a few years later, that person, due to years of similar abuse and an inability to cope, isn’t in the frame of mind to understand that it’s wrong to walk into a public building and shoot people.

    Nobody dares to bring up the fact that all of these shootings have been perpetrated by people in need of some sort of therapy. They don’t want to have to start fixing the real problem.

    I’ll leave you with this: How long is the list of public shootings taking place in the U.S.A. during the first 150 years or so of its existence? How long is that same list during the last 40?

    Anyways, I hope this furthers the discussion in some productive way. I’ve also got a wordpress blog I’ve started recently if you’re interested (danteperrotta.wordpress.com). I’m certainly interested in yours.

  11. An armed society is a polite society. Cho knew no one there could stop him because all the students/profs were forced to go unarmed. All societies have barbarians; an armed populace keeps them in check especially when the police, who are to few in number, are not legally obligated to come to your aid.
    Remember: the lawless will ALWAYS have guns. Wait till you hear the thief trying to get into your house some night, you’ll wish the police were there but….then the barbarians find you hiding in the closet because our society teaches folks to be passive in crisis. They beat you and rape you, and the wife, and the kids just to find your stash and because they want too. They like it; they like being the bully.
    WHERE ARE THOSE POLICE!! You called them(!) but they have a more urgent matter to handle and knew they’d be at your house just a few minutes late, and besides most late night house calls are bogus anyway. Remember: last year gun owners stopped a million barbarians from following through on their plans. Why isn’t this in the news? The media report the news?
    You? Every bad guy knows what a pump shotgun sounds like when the clatter of a 12 guage shell is pumped into the chamber. Game over. Where did the barbarians go? To find unarmed victims to rape and steal from.
    Go to your local gun store and ask about a Remington 870 pump, 12 guage; you’ll find some of the nicest guys there eager to help. Buy a case of 12 guage shells in #4 buck and go to a range and practice every month. Live in a trailer? Buy a case of 12 guage in birdshot #7 so it won’t want to penetrate the walls. Want the wife to use it too? Buy a 16 or 20 guage for less recoil.
    Those handguns in the picture? They are the best for home defense when you get used to shooting them but they are the first to be confiscated by a government that has become afraid of its own populace. Did you look closely at the pic? Most governments care little about your desire to prtect your family during a home invasion. After the atrocities have happened at your house and a little blurb about it in the paper the police will attempt to hunt the barbarians down until something more urgent arises or they just don’t have the manpower or the money or they just don’t like you. People are people, I worked decades in the gov, Fed and local. Take heed.

  12. ok next time u write an artical about guns in the US use a pic of guns in the US. i know stupid comment to leave for this topic but the people before me have about said it all and that realy irritates me. its like false addvertising. think of it like this, ur holding up a pic of a 50 cal and selling a 9mm, or ur holding up a pic of a 42in plasma screen tv and selling a 15in lcd.

  13. What it all comes down to is control of people that are not mentally stable, not guns. Guns dont shoot on their own. It is human control. Most gun crimes are guns illegally owned and bought offf the street not the people who actually buy them from a ffl dealer. If you comepletely ban guns the bad guys will still have them and the good guys wont… Guns or not people will still kill you if they have to do it with a pen or a homemade explosive device. It will happen like it has since mankinds existence.

  14. If you cross-reference what is written in the declaration of independence, and the 2nd amendment, the purpose is clear. It is not about your right to hunt or your right to protect yourself from criminals. It is about protecting yourself from a corrupted government.

    You should watch Mr Smith goes to Washington. Classic movie. Prophetic. Kind of a shortened down less terrible version of what is happening right now. Exposes democracy’s Achilles heel; Those who control the media, control public opinion, control elections, control government.

  15. Hey man, I have to agree with you. If nobody had guns, nobody would get shot. The logic is inescapable. But what you are not taking into consideration is WHY people get shot. It is because the people behind the guns are criminals, and the criminal mindset will not be deterred by a lack of firearms. Rather, instead of a firearm, it will be fists, or rocks, or knives, or steel pipes, or a chain.

    Criminals will be much more likely to invade your home, knowing that you have no firearms with which to defend yourself. Instead, they will know that they can either beat the crap out of you with their steel pipe, or they will come in a group and rely on numbers. Currently you have gun owners to thank for the low incidence of home invasions that take place in the U.S. while the victims are home. Most home invasions take place after the criminals are certain you are not there, simply because they don’t want to be shot. This, of course, is different in the UK, where criminals know that their victims do not have guns. Your best option in the UK is to hide in a closet and wait 15 – 20 minutes for the cops to show up (ok, that is a wee bit of an exaggeration, but still…).

    I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t think you have considered the whole picture. Gun crime is only a symptom of the problem we face in our country. The problem is crime itself. If you were able to wave a magic wand and instantly eliminate all guns from our country, you would see an unprecedented crime wave as criminals realized that they could now force their will upon completely defenseless citizens. I don’t know the answer to fixing the criminal mind, but I know disarming law-abiding citizens is not the answer.

    One last thing: less-than-lethal? Not an option with today’s technology. Spend a few minutes on YouTube watching taser and pepper spray videos and you will see that they are completely ineffective at stopping someone in their tracks. A determined criminal who is armed with a knife, a pipe, or a gun will not be stopped by a squirt of pepper spray or even a jolt of electricity. Guns are the only effective means of self-defense against all types of threats, and even then they can be worthless if you do not hit the bad guy in a vital area.

  16. I feel so sorry for you sir. The answer is quite clear at least to some. Does the Government respect your rites? Can the authorities protect you 24/7? People have been murdering and killing each other since the begining of time, what difference will taking away the guns make?

    Criminals don’t respect people, property or laws. Do you believe that calling 911 will end your being attacked? your daughter being raped? your home being robbed? your car being car jacked? or being shot after you peaceably give up your wallet? At some point people have to assume a certain amount of responsibility.

    The fact is no governing body in history has been able to control or regulate criminal activity. What they can control and regulate are Law abiding citizens so this is what they do. The criminals like this because it maes it safe for them to rob, rape or steal.

    There is no easy or simple soloution as long as catalysts such as greed,power,lust,hate,fear and money exist so will killing and murder.

    A side note we have been in a “war” on drugs for over 30 years costing Billions, how is it going?

  17. Dear Sir, you have a right to your opinion, be proud of it! I would encourage you to print in bold letters on the front door of your residence, “I hate guns, People whom own them are idiots!. There are no guns in this home!”
    Please, for the sake of the gene pool, let the world know what you are.

  18. Bad things happen when good people sit by and watch. Bad things happen when people are not prepared to become involved. (Students that do not stick up for the downtrodden. Police that do not rush to help for fear that they may themselves may become victims)
    One good student, trained in defensive tactics and carrying a firearm, could have stopped the sad man at VT earlier and maybe kept the numbers a bit lower.
    One good student/teacher reaching out to this poor soul in the months leading up to his actions may have stopped the entire problem from ever developing.
    Tools don’t hurt people – people hurt people with tools.
    Alienation drives some people away, others into hiding, others into retaliation, others to lash out and others to suicide.
    More people need to learn to be and practice being good to everyone they meet – even when they say crazy things or write crazy plays or draw undesirable pictures.
    A society that condemns difference is a society that is condemned toward division.
    This poor soul was different. Apparently teased even by teachers, and became a mad dog.
    Be prepared for the mad dog – carry a good weapon, know your limits and protect those that can’t understand or can’t protect themselves.
    Deliver retribution against evil, and do it with respectful kindness toward the meek and weak.
    The more people are empowered to speak out the more they need to be protected.
    The more people that are armed, the fewer people are mugged, raped robbed,
    There are three types of people in the world – those that are aware of what is going on (leaders and/or voyeurs), those that are in the middles of what is going on (good guys and bad guys), and those that just don’t know what is going on (the weak and frail).
    Laws have not and will not change these people.
    Religion has not changed these people in thousands of years, and will not in the next thousands of years to come.
    So, get used to it, get over it and prepare to protect yourself and loved ones when needed.
    Harm only those who seek to harm you. And you bet they are coming and they are not ZOMBIES.

  19. Dear Jeff,
    You remind of the soldier that enlists because he wants some money for college, but when his country calls on him he runs. He suddenly has medical problems, he does not believe in war or killing people. The military teaches us to kill, not a person not a human being, a TARGET. If you want no part of it leave it alone and stay away from it. As for me I just recently purchased a Thompson semi-automatic rifle with a 30 round clip. It will fire all 30 rounds in less than 6 second and it also happens to be a timeless piece of early to mid 1900’s American history. It Also helped the U.S. win WW II. This will make it hard for a criminal or terrorist to invade my home or my country. And you better believe I will put up a fight. You can whine and complain like the little girl you seem to be. The same constitution that protects that freedom of speech you talk about protects my freedom to own this rifle. So I will continue to buy firearms and you can continue to write your simple-minded point of view.

  20. crime rate would be higher with the gun ban cause the criminals would be less scared than if citizens had guns and a gun ban would be against the constitution it says “citizens have the right to KEEP and bare arms”

  21. this may sound a little shity but you should get what im saying

  22. Hola.

  23. Bitch read the second amendment.

  24. In light of a spate of recent shootings in schools and a mall in Omaha, and irrespective of the fact that I have much better things to do than engage in debates about semantics or strict vs. loose constitutional interpretations, or god forbid try to convince people that the Constitution is a manmade and therefore fallible document in and of itself and that its greatest attribute is its ability to be changed, I want to make 3 points.

    1. If you are going to quote something, call me a bitch, or make other points that you feel very strongly about (and I encourage you to do this), please be careful to write what you mean and mean what you write.

    Otherwise, I will call you a fucking idiot.

    Maybe you are not a fucking idiot, but because I’m not communicating with you as a person but rather as a digital avatar via cyberspace whose only means of communication is the written form (at least on this website), what you write is who you are. Maybe you’re a fine, intellectually gifted person. Maybe you have nuances, a wicked sense of humor and/or irony, and are assiduous about your recycling. But if you want to quote the Second Amendment and write that citizens have the right to “keep and bare arms”, what you are saying is that people have the right to maintain these appendages and reveal their skin. (Sigh) Ok, so maybe it’s a typo and you’re tired, but if I meant ‘I want to sit’, but I wrote ‘I want to shit’, it makes a big difference.

    2. Many people have tried to make the case that without the right to bear arms, we would be a society of lawless degenerates, hitting each other in the head with baseball bats, pillaging and raping without remorse.

    To this I say: thatmakesabsolutelynofuckingsensewhatsover.

    Why not?

    It only takes one mental logical step in the other direction to see the fallacy of such a statement. Do you actually believe that the only reason people do NOT commit violent crimes on a daily basis is because they think I might have a gun on me and I might shoot them? Luckily, for most of the developed world, and sadly for everyone who lives in some bizarre Wild West fantasy, the answer is no. I’ve lived in major urban cities across the country, in Europe, and South America, and I have NEVER felt like I needed to carry a gun.

    Whatever you might think of the effectiveness or moral currency of law enforcement, the fact is that our society has progressed to the point that the majority of its citizens are deterred from committing crimes because of the possible legal and civil repercussions from law enforcement (ie, going to jail, etc) rather than the possibility making the mistake of mugging John Rambo. Do you think you might have prevented the recent shooting in Omaha by whipping out your huge ass rifle you happened to be carrying and capping that guy first? By the way, how many of you people actually carry guns on a daily basis while going to the grocery store or filling up at the gas station anyways? If you do, and you don’t live in Baghdad, Basra, Kabul, or Detroit (sorry, Detroit!) you are nuts.

    3. Finally, people have questioned my patriotism with this post. Dustin has compared me to a person not willing to serve my country in a time of conflict because I don’t see the value in allowing guns to be rampant in the streets. Because THAT makes sense. He also believes that owning a semi-automatic rifle is keeping his home safer from terrorists from invading it, or his country. Because clearly, the only reason Al-Qaeda hasn’t shown up at his doorstep is because he’s packing heat. Again, sorry to spoil any fantasies of bloody heroics of firing off “30 rounds in less than 6 seconds”, but I have some advice for you: stay at home with your big, bad firearm, stick to your Playstation and let the rest of us deal with reality.

    Thanks for reading.

  25. Also, I have to admit that I find it quite disturbing that the majority of people navigating to this website are doing so via Googling the terms:

    pictures of guns
    deadliest handguns
    homemade firearms

    I’m no fan of the Patriot Act, but jesus, people. If I were Condi Rice I might be wondering what this site is about. How come nobody is googling Fermat’s Last Theorem instead?

  26. why do you fuckin argue about baning guns and shit? you know that no matter how much whine about how badly you hate guns they will never ban all guns

  27. Where in any part of this blog did you read that I want to ban guns? Gun control and regulation is not the same as a total ban. However I would like to keep them out of the hands of the ignorant who jump to conclusions and obviously struggle with their critical reading (not to mention thinking) skills.

    Man, the gun apologists writing in on this blog are really doing a great job of fulfilling their unfortunate stereotype.

  28. JEFF. It is easy to pick the bloggers that write with less skills than you I hope you end your arrogant blogging practices soon. On the subject of the blog until you know facts about which you are postulating theories. Until you are a victim you will not know why people decide to carry weapons legally. Until you are a criminal you do not know what makes you not want to break into someones home to harm them and take their things. While I do a good bit of hunting I also do have a concealed carry permit and carry often. Did Jeanne Assam (Colorado Springs Dec 9 ’07) know that when going to church for her volunteer security job she would be using her gun to stop a man on a rampage. The man came from a home in the area not inner city and had been in Christian ministry in his life time. No one knows the time or the place a person might need to protect themselves or others.
    Your comments about the number of “nuts” people that carry guns on a regular basis is nieve. As a well educated and respectful citizen I urge you to be less arrogant and narrow minded and open your eyes and ears to what happens to victims every day in our civilized nation. Congradulations on living in all of those lands and never being victimized. Their are many that have done the same and cannot claim the same. I hope you never have to be accosted but please change your arrogant tone for the good of those reading this blog.

  29. There’s no way to control all the guns. I myself do have guns. I built my own 1911 from a casting using hand tools. I reload my own ammunition. There’s nothing keeping a criminal from casting his own metal and building up guns himself, and when all guns are illegal and all of them are destroyed, criminals will still have guns, or be able to build guns, or have someone build guns for them.

    As far as the Virgina Tech shooting goes, he had been deemed mentally unstable, and hadn’t been reported appropriately. Had he been, purchasing any type of firearm would have been much more difficult. The fact that this, and many other shootings, only happen in ‘gun-free’ zones should send up a red flag; how many shootings have occurred at gun shows? A ‘gun-free’ zone leaves everyone virtually defenseless and helpless if someone does decide to go crazy. Even a few teachers or a principal carrying a firearm could have made the difference between thirty two students and two students.

    As far as home defense goes, calling 911 has never actually saved anyone’s life. Ever. Police take far too long to respond to calls, and by the time they’ll get there the intruders(who, in my opinion, gave up their right to life the second they unlawfully and forcefully entered any home that isn’t theirs for any unlawful means) will have taken what they want and left. By the time police arrive on sight they’re only good for taking testimony or drawing chalk lines.

    The thing that scares me the most in this country is when guns become illegal. I believe it will be then that it will turn into an ‘OK Corral’ type deal, with more shootings and gunfights, but normal civilians will have no means to protect themselves.

  30. this is a very big topic in our country today. I’m stuck in the middle on this whole issue. While I believe that carrying a gun around all the time could solve problems, it could possibly create some. Imagine this: a man attempts to rob a woman on a crowded subway and he has a weapon, doesn’t matter which type. (Believe me, it happens all the time) 2 onlookers pull guns and shoot the robber, a round passes through the robber and strikes a bystander. Maybe it was a child, or a father just wanting to get home. Who is liable for his or her death? Could this incident have been resolved peacefully? Possibly. It’s hard to determine what the right course of action would be. And just a side note, I feel bad for cops when they show up to a scene of a crime and are trying to fight criminals with assault weapons while only having 9mm’s. Almost my entire mother’s side were/are police officers and they are really nice people. They accepted risk when taking their oaths to protect people. Overall, i don’t have a problem with the ownership of firearms, and it’s really a hard problem to correct, and there’s almost no really right way to fix it.

  31. SON!

  32. All of these responses are interesting and contain some merit, but one thing no one pointed out was this interesting little twist: nothing can be compared to a gun (as far as destructive power goes) in modern society. Cars, and alchohol abuse are only two items from a long list of things compared to guns. Guns are the only thing that you can literally point at someone, and squeeze the trigger. Nothing else compares. While I agree with you Jeff, I also believe that the guys on this site talking about defending their right over their dead bodies have been mislead. Our society tells us it is acceptable to carry guns everywhere because there are “terrorists looking to kill you and rape your family.” But you see, we’ve always been told to be afraid of something since the beginning of our society of riteousness. First it was the indians, then the British, then the confederates or Unionists, next the evil facists, after that the communist reds, and now, the terrorists. We’ve always been told to be afraid of something, just to keep us in line, when the heart of the issue hasn’t been addressed. Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers who supported the right to bear arms, said that the government should undergo a radical change every 30 to 40 years. I think the essential problem isn’t how many nut jobs have guns, but the mentality our culture is in. We can have guns, and we don’t exactly have to regulate them, but how we treat them and what we teach the next generation is what will resolve this matter.

  33. Plus, I think that if we ban guns then it will be next thing you know, everyone thinks that smoking is to bad for the environment so you ban that too, thats not so bad, then its drinking, well that is dangerous sometimes, then its driving big trucks, ya save the environment right, then its little cars too, damn right protext the ozone layer, then its violent tv, yeah its so bad let the government hadle it so it won’t produce bad images, then they start restricting books, some of those are bad and wrong, well just get rid of those, well the rest don’t produce good image either it starts controversy, so burn the books, then its the language, you can’t say certain words, nobody wants to hear bad words right, then its you can’t speak against the government, because then you might be evil, then its intellegence, thats no good that makes the stupid people feel bad, then money, hey how come they are rich and i’m not, then make nobody rich, the list goes on, and on, and on, so shut up fools lets break the chain, it just destroys what is America hotel of freedom, get what you can take, and do what is neccessary, ignorent people arn’t paying for there stay, so don’t take one step at a time, look before you climb these steps, where does it end up?? Here are the choices, Big brother, or John Galt

  34. I think it is a matter of crime control, not gun control

  35. yo, alot of people want guns to protect themselves..but if we didnt have GUNS (PERIOD) NONE OF THIS FEAR WOULD HAPPEN, if we didnt have any weapons at all, then life will be much better and we wont be living paranoid about a crazy guy shooting u, because without guns, no shooting will be existant and will all be a thing in the past, if we all stop violence then no threats will be stuck in our minds, and we can all live a good life, all these countries do something and every other country react, we just need to think peace and not war or violence, so none of THIS FEAR WOULD EVER EXIST,

    -your friendly neighborhood spiderman

  36. yo, alot of people want guns to protect themselves..but if we didnt have GUNS (PERIOD) NONE OF THIS FEAR WOULD HAPPEN, if we didnt have any weapons at all, then life will be much better and we wont be living paranoid about a crazy guy shooting u, because without guns, no shooting will be existant and will all be a thing in the past, if we all stop violence then no threats will be stuck in our minds, and we can all live a good life, all these countries do something and every other country react, we just need to think peace and not war or violence, so none of THIS FEAR WOULD EVER EXIST,

    -your friendly neighborhood spiderman

  37. yes but what do you do when someone breaks into your house with a gun what do you do

  38. You know its not just criminals we have to protect our selves from… Its written in the constitution that we have to protect our selves from the government too. Thats the point of a free nation. Every country that has had any form of harsh gun control laws or a ban on firearms has crime go up. You can’t ignore the fact the guns exist. Then you have the problem of illegal gun trafficking. Those who are not allowed to own a gun will get one anyway “illegally”. I am a legal gun owner and I would rather fight fire with fire. I feel that if you don’t like guns then you should move to another country where guns are illegal.

  39. taking away guns in unconstitutional. there you go. make buying guns illegal and law abiding citizens such as you and i wont have guns and criminals will still have them. A nation without guns might as well drop its pants and bend over for crime, because it’s about to get fucked. Not to be rude or anything, but know about life before you shit out your mouth.

  40. Car accident’s killed more than 42,000 people in 2006. Does this mean that we should restrict driver’s licenses or cars????

  41. Cocaine and heroin are both highly illegal and neither one is grown or made here in the U.S. You can go into any urban area and buy either of these illegal drugs. If guns are outlawed they would be just as easy for a criminal to obtain as drugs are right now. Chris Rock’s bit is comedy… that’s it. It’s not a practical means of controlling street violence. If bullets cost $5,000 each, drug runners would ditch the coke and start running bullets instead because of the huge profit potential.

    Criminals don’t obey the laws. Making laws only hinders the law abiding from protecting themselves.

  42. You’re silly Jeff. I would imagine that if you did own a gun, let’s say it was a gift, you would certainly sell it. The add would probably read like this…”Gun for sale, never fired, dropped once.” Kind of like the French!

    You climb from the same septic tank as all the other liberal blow hards. It’s not enough for you to be living in the greatest country in the world, you have to question the rights of others. My job is fighting for you Jeff, you and your rights. The worst part of serving in the Army is not the sand in Iraq/Afghanistan.
    You know, the kind of sand that gets everywhere, the kind that gets into every crevice of your body (OH! you wouldn’t know would you?). Nor is it the blazing heat with 40+ Lbs of equipment weighing me down. Or even the constant threat of small arms fire and IEDs (That’s Improvised Explosive Devices Jeff). The worst is not even holding my dying buddy because a piece of metal from an IED went through his neck. It’s people like you Jeff. People who espouse ideas like yours. Our society will never be Canada…thank God.
    I hope you rest well tonight Jeff. Sleep tight knowing that all you have to do is deal with the occasional story about someone going crazy with a gun. Sleep tight knowing that you don’t have to worry about goons coming into your house and raping your wife/girlfriend/sister/daughter/you because you looked at someone you weren’t suppose to or simply because of your beliefs. Sleep tight knowing you can wake up and have the freedom to go teach or do whatever you set your mind to do.

    I hope you make the best of you opportunity in this country Jeff. I hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams, because that’s what I’m going to do.
    I’m sure you have never thanked someone serving in the armed forces or even a police person…you might want to Jeff. They protect you and your ideas.

    You have written at the top of this page “Keep your hands and feet outside your country at all times” Please heed your own words Jeff “at all times”…PLEASE!!!

    You make me sick Jeff…sick.
    I’m sorry for you.

    Please feel free to critic my grammar and spelling and whatever else you guys do in your spare time up on your pedestal. I won’t read it…I’ll be out fighting for you Jeff…for you.

    Good day.

  43. if you put a ban on guns or a whole bunch of restrictions on guns it only makes it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns the criminals still have guns and lots of them the more citiens that have guns that are law abiding can defend themselves and it is also a proven fact that the more peope that have a concealed weapons permit the crime rate goes down the fact is now matter what you do now the guns will still be there… Jeff i feel sorry for you if you think restricting guns or banning them will do any thing at all. all it does is make good law abiding citizens like us defenseless. jeff let me ask you this if sombody breakes into your house and you cant get out and he has a gun with the intention of dong harm your not going to charge at him with a knife your going to wish you had a gun to defend your self cause you can call 911 but the cops arnt there instantly it takes 3-10 minutes youl would probably be dead by that time.

  44. Dear Wattle:

    Thank you for defending our country. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and for being willing to defend those who you feel are ungrateful for your service. Thank you for fighting for me. However, this is not what this post is about.

    I want to make it clear, as I feel I was in my posting, that I have nothing against the military, and yes, you and your colleagues are willing to do things I might not want to do, and I truly, deeply appreciate that. But the fact remains that it is way too easy to obtain a firearm in this country than is healthy, either legally or illegally. And that to me is a danger. I’m not trying to eliminate the 2nd amendment. But do you believe a person who is mentally unstable or has clear intent to murder should have a gun just because our Constitution implies that he or she has the innate right to one?

    I would also hope that in defending our country you are defending the values we espouse, particularly the right to freedom of speech. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” And so I don’t feel that exercising this right should earn me a one way ticket out of America. Quite the contrary, it should earn me a place here. But clearly we disagree on that point.

    I want you to know that it would be much easier for me to take this posting down. Obviously, it’s earned me a lot of enemies. But I won’t because if I do that simply because it is convenient, or easier, then that defeats the entire purpose of this right. If I decide to cow to simple disagreement, even heated debate, then what are you over there fighting for? A bunch of people who will do what they’re told? I truly hope not.

    Either way, I do appreciate what you do, so thanks for reading and giving your 2 cents.

  45. Dear John:

    About the cars:

    Um, no.

    However, people driving cars normally aren’t doing so to kill other people. Obviously it happens, but that’s why they’re called accidents. We have very strict laws against drunk driving because people driving while drunk are more likely to kill other people, or themselves. I think this is a fair law. Don’t you?

  46. Jeff,
    Ok so I was having a bad day and I happened on your post at the worst possible moment. You were, unfortunately, the lightning rod of the weeks events. I was just informed that I have to deploy to Iraq….again. After 15 months in Iraq I am tired and would rather not return.
    Enough about my plight.
    I am, as you know, passionate about my right to own guns. I grew up hunting and shooting (my father was a competitive skeet shooter).
    My thoughts (in no particular order):
    -I think there should be consequences to peoples actions.
    -I don’t like that individuals in my town commit crimes with the aid of firearms.
    -I don’t like feeling scared when I am out and about in town. (there have been numerous cases where people were mugged just coming out of the convenience store)
    -I like that if someone comes in my house I can legally shoot and kill them. (logical consequences to actions)
    -I like that I can take a class and get a background check and I can legally carry a gun with the legal right to defend my/my families life/lives.
    -I think mentally ill individuals or people with ANY arrests should not be able to own guns. (Logical consequences)
    -I want to be proactive in the defense of my life, not rely on a potted plant in a mall to shield me from death. This might just be the soldier in me talking, but that’s me.
    -I carry a gun everywhere I go, except on the Army post where I live.
    -I think that if there was a law abiding person carrying a gun in the mall in Omaha, it might have saved a life or two.
    -I think all criminals look for easy targets.
    -I think saying that “if we didn’t have guns” or “what if…” is naive as we are living today not yesterday.
    -I think that banning guns, today, will make it easier for criminals to…well….be criminals.
    -I think that those who preys on the weak should be killed.

    I certainly don’t have the answers to any of the questions about how it could be or what if scenarios, but I am willing to do things today that will protect me and my family in a legal way. I applaud your right to speak freely, and we can agree to disagree. The fact remains that there will always be guns in our society and we will always have these problems. Criminals will have guns when your children’s children have kids. In my estimation we need to have more law abiding citizens who carry guns. Soon, criminals will start researching their targets more so they won’t become one. I love the thought of every time a criminal tries to rape/beat/kill someone, they are shot and die. Talk about “an armed society is a polite society.” Immediate consequences to actions. That will be a great day.
    Thanks for listening and again I apologize for the earlier rant.

    I look forward to your comments and ensuing discussion.


  47. Jeff:
    I personally think you should stop because you sound like an arrogantly pious fool. Before you start a rant, I am well aware of the meaning of every word I have typed. You are not the only literate blogger on the web. The sad understanding I have of a person like you, is that you have no concept on responsibility. The world does not operate under an umbrella of Utopia. You seem to believe that the majority of people that own guns are in-bred, retarded, imbeciles, and from some southern state. To the contrary, I graduated Valedictorian from high school, and had a 3.75 GPA in collage and I was born in Texas. I am an accountant that was raised hunting and I am familiar with guns. I am Southern, highly educated and do not think that gun ownership is in anyway a problem. I read the opening dialogue to this blog and I realize that the person (Maybe you) that wrote this blog is severely lacking in knowledge. How would you limit the acquisition of firearms from the “malignant yahoos”? Is there some type of test to determine who is a malignant yahoo? I am equally humored by your disregard of facts that violent crime in much more prevalent in countries/localities with gun control, than in those without. I understand that many people have beliefs that they cannot prove or substantiate but I must implore you to stop your embarrassing blogging into subject that you have little knowledge or understanding of.

  48. Jeff:
    Before you start a disinformation campaign remember that “on” can mean “aware of the true nature, motive, or meaning of”. I do not wish to embark on an English Grammar discussion with someone who is ill-informed.

  49. Dear Wattle:

    Thanks for your response again.

    I agree with your logic, and the need for consequences and accountability. And I’m sure someone like yourself (a professional soldier) who has been exposed to combat conditions would naturally feel more comfortable with a gun than without one, even when on US soil.

    But for me, the concept of an escalation in gun ownership in the general public is frightening, because I wouldn’t trust the majority of people to be responsible gun owners. I certainly would not like living in a place where everyone, even in the grocery store, has a loaded weapon. Remember, this was never a blog about banning guns as so many people seem to think. It was an outcry against rampant irresponsible gun possession by individuals who should have no access to firearms, yet have no problem finding one. Personally, I don’t know what the solution is, but I feel like it’s a cultural problem as much as a legislative or political one.

    Take care of yourself during your redeployment, and come back safe.

  50. I believe your argument is no longer valid Jeff, If you were to read each post carefully you would be able to tell then that you’ve already been beaten. You’ve lost Jeff, and I am positive you are going to disagree and give a witty little response to make me feel like an idiot or whatnot. But almost everyone who replied here made points and ever since you first noticed you were losing you started to dance around calling other people out for unimportant things and started talking about the freedom of speech, if you believe in one commandment shouldn’t you believe in them all? From what I gather you want to take something that has kept this country safe for all these years from the people who deserve them. If you even limit the number of innocents who can own one of these items you give strength to the people who would harm you. The bottom line really is that if someone would do anything for a gun nothing will stop them no ammount of regulation will stop a criminal from getting his gun the only way to stop shootings is to completely get rid of guns and have not one left in existance, and even then a criminal still has the ability to cast his own weapon and make his own bullet. This has been said but it is an excellent point “Until you are a victim you will not know why people decide to carry weapons legally. Until you are a criminal you do not know what makes you want to break into someones home to harm them and take their things.”
    I’ve probably stumbled off the topic a few times and my grammer/punctuation is beyond screwed up but its only because I’m on my 39th hour without sleep for reasons which you need not know about.
    Comment on what you will, say what you want because I won’t be here to read your reply.

  51. I was about to exit this page but my eye caught a typo I can’t help but to correct myself before you do “if you believe in one commandment shouldn’t you believe in them all?” Commandment should be amendment. Oh and I was in no way implying that I wish harm upon you, and there are a couple of points you’ve made that I do actually agree with. Farewell.

  52. OK, people. This is getting pretty exhausting but I do want to validate your comments and viewpoints.

    I understand that this issue strikes an emotional chord with many people, and most people seem to think I’m advocating a ban on the 2nd Amendment.

    I’m NOT.

    Aaron, thanks for your comment. Actually, I do not feel all the Amendments are equal, and I feel some are better than others. I also believe that’s why we can change some if we want to, and that a major part of the architecture of the Constitution is that it’s a “living” document, not a frozen one.

    However, I’m not sure what I’ve “lost”, as you say. Is there a battle going on here that I don’t know about? Because the only thing that is at stake for me here is a space for me to voice my opinion. And yours, too. So I hope that response didn’t make you feel condescended to.

  53. Hey, I don’t live in america & thank god guns make little if not any impact on my life at all. But at least your culling the ever growing population of morons right?

  54. First off, pick up a history book and peruse the pages. You will see one thing clearly, people have been killing the hell out of each other for a long time. You will also see that people have done some other terrible shit to each other. Guns allow ONE person to stand up against MANY people. Without guns, you would be forced to protect yourself with your fists and a bat / knife etc… I am not a overlarge guy. Bruce Lee is a myth. Ergo, if there are more than two or three guys I am screwed.

    Think Tombstone. Do you remember the scene when Curley Bill killed the Marshall and Wyatt Earp was going to take him to jail? You had people that wanted to lynch him and people that wanted to free him and he stood them off because he had a gun. Unlikely that he could have done that without one.

    Anyway, my point is simple. Think about the rise of civilization and how it corresponds with the rise of guns. It’s actually quit shocking, but plain to see. Before guns, might made right, dark ages, scary stuff. Then as guns became more and more commonplace and the designs got more and more advanced, liberty began to spread.

    They are the BEST tool that we have at the moment to protect ourselves with. Like any tool, they can be used for good and ill. Put the blame were it lies. People are rotten.

  55. A.) “Maybe if we had prevented the guns from getting out there in the first place, we wouldn’t have this problem.” – Then people would just do more stabbing. The gun isn’t at fault, its a tool. If a person is willing and ready to kill someone, Gun or not, Its gonna be done, But I guess we could always restrict/ban Cars, rocks, knives, sticks and or baseball bats,ropes, hands, feet, ledges and drop-offs, water where someone could drown someone, etc. In the UK the common person doesnt have a gun but people still get shot.

  56. As Donn said, all you are doing is INCREASING the risk that 1.) We will be oppressed by the Police / Army because our effective ability to resist is less 2.) Increas the risk of women, elderly, cripples, minorties will be targeted by “thugs” and exploited.

    Getting rid of guns does not lead to a SHINY HAPPY place of peace. It is a bill of goods that you are getting sold by people THAT WANT TO BE IN POWER.

  57. A criminal without a gun is like a fish out of water; a gun owner without a gun would have to negotiate; We need guns only if we are being invaded. But I just bought one since I cannot trust insurance companies or banks. That won’t happen (they already took over…the Nazi’s in our Govt.; blackwater etc.; overpopulation; stupidity of the masses and the corporately owned government; impeach Cheney and Bush and vote Paul, Kucinich and or Nader in to the Presidency (present indecency!) for the change needed to preserve what is ours in the Constitution. Why is “in god we trust” removed from the newer Washington coin? Readh David Icke. Obama as last resort cause he and Hillory are corprately owned. Lower gas prices now or remove ALL from office. No lawyer should be allowed to be involved in politics. Power to ALL the people right on. End the military industrial complex. And the Prison industrial complex. Health care for all (we paid for it should be free). Retirement at age 55. (Optional).

  58. If there were no guns it would be a little harder to kill. But killing little kids in school would diminish. Of course maybe they all should be at home and learn via the internet. Even if people own guns or plastic little cars the military could easily take us out. I don’t have the answer for anyone but me. Choice is life. When the rich are greedy the innocent suffer. When the salt of the earth suffers revolution brews. The rich have no idea how many people think they are being suppressed by them. It is a conscious act based on fear. So be fearless and throw off the yoke of tyranny. In the next election let’s reject all choices…pass it on!!!!!!!!

  59. guns, guns, guns, all are good none are bad!!!

  60. I love guns shoot approx. 10,000 rounds every year love it nothing beats owning guns.Every should have a good variety of gun and plenty of ammo.Reload your own rounds, nice and cheap.

  61. Hi Jamie,
    Out of interest – what is it about guns that you love so much?

  62. Wow. I have only read a few of these responses, but holy crap. People need to do some serious research. Does anyone know what happens when you take guns away from a society used to them? There are a number of great examples, but let us pick Australia. After the massive gun bans went into place, crime SKYROCKETED. In just the few years after they were banned, homicides, assaults, robberies, buglaries, everything bad got much worse. Robberies alone went up about 45%! What happened? The law abiding citizens turned in their guns. The criminals kept them. I have no problems with certain restrictions, within reason. But for those of you mentioning “bans,” you’re idtiots.

  63. Woops. I completely forgot to mention the most important fact about the crime in Australia after the bans. Since everyone is so concerned about killings, it should be known that in the Australian state of Victoria, gun homicides rose over 300%.

    It’s just something to consider. 300% is no small jump.

  64. guns are very preety. i have a 50,458 dollar gun. i will kill you if u tri 2 touch it.

  65. Hi dane,
    I love everything about guns, noise, power, smell of gun powder and the exploding carcus of an innocent gopher, rabit, coyote etc. Nothing not to love, shiny gun metal on a warm summer day.Nobody dares come onto my yard b/c bullets will fly!!

  66. Maybe we should re-write the 1st Amendment. We can start off by depriving you the freedom of speech. After all you’re making me mad by writing this nonsense. People shouldn’t make other people mad. I just want to be happy and play with my guns. I love how you liberals always stray away from the topic and start rambling about something else. In this case “grammar”. This is a blog, it’s not the constitution. No one cares about grammar on a subject like this. You’re just enraging people and pissing them off, they’re not in an English class.
    There are a lot of other things you can regulate that would be more effective in saving lives. For instance driver’s licenses. By regulating who can and cannot get one is a little more sensible. After all driving is a privilege not a right. There are many more deaths due to car accidents than shootings, on average, per year.

    A law abiding citizen owning a gun in these great United States. It is our right.

    Don’t try and take away my right, I will fight for it!

  67. if people are going to kill with a gun there is no way you can control it. with the internet the way it is, you can figure out how to make guns and ammo. in an average shop i can make a working hand gun/ammo in under 1/2 hour or a full out automatic in around 6hrs.
    the government can try to control it all they want but in the end, whosoever wants guns will have guns. if the US government attempts to take the American peoples fire arms it will simply do nothing more then stat the next civil war, in witch would bring on the next world war. the reason i say it would start the next world war is because once everyone(country) seen the US on her knees from a war inside, it would weak and easy pray
    long and short..??
    find the real problem and don’t blame the guns..
    the problem is more in the kids, they need better role models, better education, better jobs.
    intell that stuff is dealt with then we are still gonna have these problems.
    we have to worry about why it happening and stop it before it happens. this will be much more affective then JUST making it harder to get guns or taking them away

  68. Dude, listen. I grew up with guns. My dad thought that leaving a legacy of his for me and my brother to enjoy would be a good idea. I love shooting, disassembling, and cleaning my weapons. I’ve never shot anyone, or even come close to shooting someone that was of no threat to me. Now, about the shootings in the schools, they were acts of anger, or maybe even some religous vendetta, but that is no reason to strike down on guns. Guns are meant to be enjoyed and used in the proper ways. People who use them for senseless murder are just taking the easy route. A man with a crack barrel 12 gauge, some chains, and a couple of padlocks could massacre a school just the same as someone with an automatic. I’m sorry about the ones who have lost their lives to firearms that were used improperly, but we all have to die, death is unavoidable, and if any of you gun haters believe in a god, then shut up, because in your eyes, heaven awaits you.

  69. I’m a service member and I have seen very horrific things in my life. I’ve seen what ambitious men or people are capable of in other countries. Our fore fathers were very educated. They wanted the PEOPLE to keep the power of the United States. So, they sat down and said,We need an amendment to be able to say WHEN CRAPE STINKS. Okay,this will be the first amendment. But–, what if who’s in charge of our country and our military doesn’t care if crape stinks. Okay,we will make the right to bare arms the second amendment to protect the FIRST. You see,you cann’t reason with tyrannous ambitious people. I pray it never comes to that we give away our rights. It’s not just about crime or hunting. It’s about maintaining OUR FREEDOMS. And sometimes, just sometimes I wonder if we lost our freedom then gained it back. We just might cherish our regained freedom for another 200 or so years.

  70. If guns are banned, criminals can just get them off the black market, kill everybody here, get away with whatever they want, until law enforcement shows up. By that time, many innocent people could be killed. THINK ABOUT IT!

  71. In America…
    Cigarettes kill more Americans every year then guns do.
    Alcohol kills more Americans every year then guns do.

    So Jeff, why are we so worried about guns?
    ps. stop worrying so much about grammar it has nothing to do with the subject.

  72. Hi JT:

    Thanks for writing. To answer your question, I think the vast majority of the people who are killed by cigarettes and alcohol are the very ones consuming them.

    Rarely is someone going to kill me with their own alcohol consumption (although it could happen, esp. if they have a weapon and are really drunk and really angry with me, or are driving a car at me), and smoking has been banned inside most buildings in most major cities in America for this reason. That’s why I’m more worried about guns.

    And you’re right about the grammar, like I said, it’s just my own pet peeve, that’s all.

  73. So for all the people out there who ask the question, “whats the big deal about guns?” Think for a second. No, im not asking anything big, im just asking for your patience. Iv read a few of these posts so far, and no, i myself do not own any kind of gun. I live in Canada, where guns are virtually non-existant. But with that kind of policy, Crime is also, considerably lower than the United States. Sure, Alchohol and Cigarettes are responsible for more deaths than guns alone, but isnt alchohol and cigarettes a choice? (minus the drunk driving accidents) Guns in my opinion are a needless piece of reasurance. Reasurance of what, that one day some idiot is going to walk into your house and steal a tv? so what, you shoot the guy? Whats wrong with America? for christ sake, ending someones life, whether it be in self defence or not, is by no way right. God entitled us to defend our selves from harm,but not to go start capping people for breaking and entering. Just a thought here, what if the world was left without guns. what next? you say crime would rise? alot of people would bet the opposite, infact, without guns at all, the world wouldnt be so fucked up lol. People wouldnt have anyother way to kill eachother, and in the end you wouldnt have idiots running around shooting up schools or robbing convienient stores all the time. The saying that guns are meant to be enjoyed is a sad defence, a very sad one.

  74. Revan – That is the worst logic I have ever heard…

    First, the TV (in your example) is my property, paid for with my dollars. If criminals can just come in an take it at a whim, WHAT THEN DO I OWN? NOTHING! They do not have to buy anything because they can just take yours. Imagine if you got one loaf of bread to eat per week… What if someone took it? They are in effect killing you just the same as if they put a gun to your head. Jobs are available, maybe not a dream job working for Trump and making 8 digits… But they are out there.

    I will ask you again to see my original post.. (redacted below).

    History teaches us one thing. Before gun, the world was a dark, dismal, dangerous place where women had no rights, elderly and cripples had no rights. Do you want to know why they had no rights? Because they couldn’t DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS. Starting around the 1500’s as guns became more and more widely available, you see a birth (on a large scale) of culture, civilization and so on. Again, when the revolving gun was created, you see a MARKED increase in the quality of lives for many.

    In the Western world, we have a higher quality of living than KINGS did 100 – 200 years ago. Guns made that possible. Possible for ONE PERSON to stand against MANY. That is how your rights are insured.

  75. Jeff:

    Your arguments again are erroneous. If you banned alchol and drugs, then you wouldn’t have NEAR NOT ANYWHERE NEAR the gun violence you have today.

    Also, MOST (70%) of the gun violence is CRIME on CRIME. Meaning, a body turns up in a field, they process the body, ID it and VOILA, it has a rap sheet, for drugs, assualt, so on. Most probably it was a criminal, shot for one reason or another, in a criminal pursuit (drug turf / gang violence).

    Drinking, is also a major source of “rowdyness” in crowds, check out mardi gras sometime.. Fights everywhere.

  76. The “gun death” numbers are kind of strange, because they don’t take into account CRIME on CRIME, People DEFENDING themselves against criminals, Cops shooting criminals and the like.

    You just get a big number of dead attributed to guns and think, Wow…

    In actuality, it isn’t common at all for regular Joe Whiteguy to get shot to death and is even LESS often that there are “mass shootings”. So, please get some perspective people. I do not care about dead criminals that much. No one should.

    When you are above / outside the law, you should not be entitled to the protection of it.

  77. Let us not fall to such idiocy and absurdity that we believe that liberty is a privileged license from the State.
    The State is not my God.
    There is no King but King Jesus!

  78. It wont do any good to get rid of guns. Then only the criminals (that give the guns a bad name) will be armed. And no the cops cant protect us all. Not unless there is a cop in every home. Nope that wont work. There is also the fact that people have been killing and murdering each other since the beginning of time. (that means they did not have guns) And what happed during 911? The terrorist used knives!!!!!!!!! Had the pilots been armed it would have been impossible for the planes to be hijacked.

  79. law makers,news people(by the way the first one’s to cry about the first amendment) but never say anything good about the second/everybody else is right if lawmakers take away r guns then no one will survive carjackings/home invasions and so fourth you there are probaly thousands and thousands of real stories out there where a armed honest person was able to stop a low life scum from doing him harm by being armed/why dont the police and fbi go after drive by gang bangers liked they did the kkk back in the day then start on the rest of the low life scum sucking criminals until then the hands that touch my FIREARMS are going to be mine

  80. If everyone was packing, maybe people would be nicer to each other. If everyone was packing a criminal probably would try to rob a woman on the street. If everyone was packing some disturbed student would be insane to walk into a classroom waving his gun around. I’d rather shoot than be shot. If just one student was packing at Virginia tech the loss of lives could have been very limited.
    If we introduce more strict gun laws the only people packing will be criminals. Why is that so hard for people to understand? If you make it illegal for some redneck to carry a rifle around in his truck, that doesn’t stop a gangster from carrying his “9”. I’ve yet to hear of a redneck shooting up a school, but the only kids that seem to get in trouble for possession of a weapon are country kids that leave a gun in their truck, what good is that?
    Anyone that tries to take my guns will have to wait until I run out of ammo.

    Anyone so naive to think that criminals would abide by stricter gun laws should be the first to experience a helpless death.

  81. If no guns were available then people would just look for other weapons to use, like knives, swords, blunt weapons etc. Getting rid of guns doesn’t solve the problem in the way you want, you’d have to have all weapons banned.

  82. jeff,
    i saw this whole blog and came to the conclusion of, people who want to kill will do so.
    a weapon regulation will change nothing!!! only that the good guys will be without defense.

  83. Sounds like you have some trust issues with the general population. Jeff. Less than 1/2 of 1% of guns owned in the US will be used in crimes. What are the statistics for cars used in crimes, what about hit and run accidents, drunk driving, driving without insurance (which are all illegal).
    My father and grandfathers all instilled in me a deep respect for the tool that guns are in the way of life that we (as residents of a rural area) live. I have been hunting since I was 10 and have enjoyed a great many days of hunting and shooting sports with my family. I still carry my grandfather’s hunting rifle in fact. It will never be used to harm a human being who is not trying to harm me or my family, or someone who is too weak to defend themselves. And as for your comments about living in metro areas and never seeing the need for a gun: congratulations to you sir. However in the area where I reside there in the past was no reason to carry a gun for self defense from humans. However,in the last few years the threat has gone from dogs people left in a creek to the meth labs and meth users that are looking for a way to get the next fix. Theft is up, even home burglary where the people are home. I have never asked anyone to help me get what I want or need. I have found ways to keep food on my family table (by hunting) and keep them warm, safe and dry. I do believe that I should not be restricted from owning guns because somebody feels that he “wouldn’t trust the majority of people to be responsible gun owners.” and that is copied word for word from one of your posts. Guess what! I am a responsible citizen and I feel that you questioning that should raise questions about you. Such as Why don’t you trust people? Or is it that you don’t trust yourself? or is it more of a “they are scary” thing? Guns never have nor ever will jump out of a gun safe and go off on their own accord. It takes a trigger actuator. And whoever is filling that position is going to decide whether that gun is a “good” or “bad” gun. My dad got me a cap gun when I was six, it was one of those little cowboy sets that little boys have drooled over since they were invented, and even with that little “harmless” gun my dad was a stickler for gun safety. He spent hours explaining to me and demonstrating how to check if a gun is loaded, unload it and not to point it at ANYTHING that I did not have the intention of destroying. That is what a gun does, I know this. But Hollywood and the lack of Parental Guidance to teach kids that on tv and in movies when the actor gets killed and then is in the next movies or in video games where you just “respawn” Is NOT reality. Blame video games, tv, movies, etc. but even that is still BS. If all dads were as much a stickler as mine I believe that this wouldn’t even be an issue. All people would realize that guns are tools. Tools to feed one’s family or to Protect ones family from threats foriegn and domestic. If we would teach Hunters safety in schools instead of “safe sex” classes I believe we could prevent these events from happening. Oh and I live less than an hour from the Van Mauer that was the scene of the shooting in Omaha. My wife frequents that mall with her sister. I do believe that if more people were to carry guns that would have been prevented from reaching the scale it did same with VT. Oh and VT, Columbine, Omaha, and any others that you can think of would have been prevented (and it pains me to say this because of my teenage years and hating what my parents “put me through”) by parents stepping in and knowing what their kids are up to, and being an active part of the education concerning guns and life in general. I also agree that people need to focus on treating everyone they meet with dignity and respect. No matter if the person they are talking to is overweight, short, or different. THis would alleviate alot of the problems as well.
    Feel free to critique spelling and grammar. But it doesn’t matter because if you have to critique grammar because you can’t critique the logic that doesn’t bode well for your argument.

  84. I believe this topic is related to something that’s been on my mind for a while. There is a reason that people feel the need to use weapons to commit violent crimes. There is also a reason that people feel the need to use weapons in a violent manor to prevent violent crimes. Instead of trying to limit the distribution of weapons, instead of attacking the people that actually recognize there is a problem, instead of reading half of the 2nd amendment and ignoring the rest, and instead of looking for simple solutions to complex problems, perhaps we should attempt to analyze WHY violence seems like such a good option for so many people. I do not pretend to know this reason, and I do not think that the problem can be solved in one blog post.

    One thing I know for sure, laws forcing people to conform will not help. We need to attempt to change social trends through compassion and logic until people would rather find peaceful solutions to problems. The problem of gun control would solve itself if people would choose not to use guns violently. I do not believe this goal can be met within one lifetime, but if we focus our efforts on this rather than debating about the right own guns, perhaps within a few generations we can affect actual change.

    Perhaps we should start with ourselves. We can change ourselves until we don’t feel the need to react violently to problems. When it becomes easier for us to talk through a problem than think of creative ways to hurt each other, we can start to work on other people. We cannot change other people directly; we can only plant the seed, and they must change themselves. Perhaps the most important action we can take is to instill these ideas in our children, because they are the ones that will be creating the most change in this world when they inherit it from us. This is not the solution to violence in America; it is only an outline for change that is based on a theory. I don’t know if this theory can actually work.

    Call me a hippie, that’s fine.

  85. I don’t disagree that by people not deciding to use guns in a violent manner there would be no problems. However for whatever reason people do choose to use them against other humans (this has never crossed my mind so I have no clue why they do it) But if someone has pulled a gun on you then there is less talking left. I am sorry but they have chosen to escalate right thru the “talking” stage. They have decided to try to scare someone into complying with their will. Now I am not saying that the situation cannot be solved peaceably however the chance at civility is limited at this point. And the only sure bet of you walking away is being better with your weapon then he is with his. ONCE AGAIN not saying draw and shoot. Actually with an even playing field there is a better chance of everyone walking away. but for the playing field to be even both parties must have the same tools.

  86. Just think if we did not have guns you would not be able to express your ignorant views so publically on this internet instead you could be enslaved to the tirants who throughout history have been beaten down by free loving men and women who were able to arm themselves and defend thier homes and families and fight for liberty and justice. the fact of the matter is law abiding people do not kill other people. crazy people kill other people lots of times with out using a gun. and if no one had guns, guess what? murderers will still murder. should we ban automobiles? lots of people die in auto accidednts by drunk drivers but guess what we dont ban cars or alcohol. why? because of the action of the person not instrument. just think if there was no automobiles there would be alot less dead people.law abiding people dont drive drunk and kill people and when they do we dont lobby to outlaw autos and alcohol. wake up Cain slew Able not gun in existence. its the nature of the beast luckily we have the tools to fight back to protect our selves and our families from these predators not to mention its a whole lot of fun plinking with my firearms and competing with my pals. want to really solve some problems lets get rid of the politicians especially the liars who stand up in public and lie to our faces. like Hillary and Bill for instance he receives falatio while married and holding the highest public office and she lies about every damned thing. sickning. on your next shopping spree or outing take the time to thank a vet and our soldiers for thier unselfish act of heroism and thier stand for freedom that allows you to participate in these simple things.

  87. This is why law-abiding citizens should have and carry firearms should they choose to do so. If there was a way to rid the world of firearms or dangerous weapons I would support it and give up my hobby of recreational shooting. The fact is, it will never happen and I refuse to not have the option of trying in the world we are in today. I assure you, I will be shooting at the person victimizing you if you are in an altercation. Unfortunately, I’m screwed if the scenareo is reversed. Good luck and please watch the clip.

  88. All gun control would do is keep guns out of law abiding citizens, hence the term “law abiding”. If gun laws were too strict only criminals would be the ones with NO gun control, no matter how strict they make the laws, criminals will still have free range on buying there illegal guns with NO restraint at all. I am 100% sure that if gun control got to a point where law abiding citizens were not permitted to have a concealed carry permit, and carry a concealed handgun on them at all times witch A LOT of them do, the crime rate would sky rocket, criminals would say “hey lets go rob evey one we see walking down this block then go do it down another block a few miles away” because they would know no one but them has a gun on hand. Say your walking through the mall, one out of every 10 men (I say men because that is the majority of concealed carriers) is carrying a fire arm legally. Say your walking through a school, no law abiding men are carrying fire arms. I wounder why its schools that get shot up more often than malls, I have only heard of one mall shooting. #1 it was in a state where concealed carry permits are not issued. #2 the dude was a complete loony and would have shot up a cow farm if he was in that area at the time. I have not looked into mall shootings, im just saying, that is the only one I have heard of.

    Just to settle my case here, where in the US has the strictest gun laws? DC. Where is the murder capital of the US? DC.

    Even if guns did not exist, people would fear hard solid objects then, and people would be b*tching about outlawing rocks.

    I agree with Chase, it is not only your opinion bro, A LOT of people have that opinion. I say we pass a law making no gun laws, the criminals already passed theirs, I say its time the law abiding people pass ours. I truly believe with out a doubt in my mind that crime would be at an all time low, almost as low as back when humm let me think a second, there were no gun laws? and there were hardly police back then, think of how low the crime rate would be with the kind of police we have now, combined with all law abiding people carrying concealed arms, and the bad guys knowing it. It would be like little house on the preri. Since most people are good people why would bad people want to do bad when they are far out numbered? in a society as I described committing serious crime would be suicide.

    In fact, all but 6 states issue concealed weapons permits, all that really needs to be done to drastically drop the crime rate is for all people that are eligible to be issued one to go down to the police station and get one, and once having one, use it! train with your weapon and carry it. once up to the point where 7 out of every 10 people you pass by on the street is legally carrying the crime rate would hit rock bottom. It would be like were living in the nicest part of Canada. Do not try to tell me im wrong, it is proven, I forget the name and don’t want to look it up, but there is a some what small country where it is law that every one 18 and older own and carry a fire arm, mainly because everyone also acts as the country’s military, but also because of it they do not have a crime rate, crime is nonexistent.

    If you wish to comment on anything I have said feel free to message me on myspace at myspace.com/ken123456
    I also will be bookmarking this page and checking back from time to time.

  89. Oh and Jeff, I forgot to add.

    When ever I see or hear of some one thinking that gun control would do anything but increase crime, I wounder how they could think at all.

    Also, look at your comments, I did. Looks to me that only one person looked at it the same way you do, and he was from canada, go figure.

    Also canada’s crime rate has very little to do with the rarity of guns, and a whole lot to do with they way their country has been raised up. The whole country has a small town attitude, and there for acts as a small town.

  90. oh and

    Quoting you
    “Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard movie at the end because if he didn’t have that gun duct taped to his back, there’s no way he’s saving his wife and getting out of that building”

    What about
    Ken, because if he does not have that gun concealed in is smartcarry when that guy car jacks him and forces him to drive to a remote location with his wife and child in the car and then tells them to get out and line up over here down on their knees because he is going to blow all their brains out. There would be no way he could save them.

    Tell me how Bruce Willis in the original die hard movie has any more right to protect him self than anyone els. F*cking! tell me how you dumb f*ck! Thats right, im getting personal.

  91. we need a war on guns like the war on drugs !!!

  92. that picture you have at the top is from mexico when the police raided tepeito in mexico city, all the guns were being destroyed………….so this isn,t from america just to let you know.

  93. I think that my previous argument was misconstrued to mean “when a guy pulls a gun on you, hug him” when I actually meant that we should work on spreading messages of love until the guy decides not to pull a gun on you. But since you guys keep arguing about whether or not more guns will solve the problem of violence in America, I can only assume that you would rather bicker in an endless debate than affect lasting change. I honestly think that I might be on to something and I think that this would be a more meaningful discussion if we start thinking about ALTERNATIVES to gun control. I also think that my previous proposition allows for a greater opportunity for us to be happy. Please think about it and post what you think; I’m very interested to know hear other ideas. If you haven’t read my idea, it’s the 9th post above this one.

  94. If there was Gun free world, well wait there was before guns were around and was that any better? instead of getting shot and killed people get cut up and stabed with swords? ya a whole lot better.


    go die treehuggers

  95. The first recorded murder was committed with the jawbone of an Ass (Cain killing Able). As long as man walks the face of the Earth there will be weapons, for both agression and self defense.I have handled guns of all sizes, shapes and calibers and have yet to draw one on another person. You can’t control everything.

  96. Owning a weapon, shotgun, rifle or hand gun comes with a great responsibility. I have a CHL ‘Concealed Handgun License’ and enjoy the privilege to carry in public. Now along with that comes a greater responsibility. For example you get into a parking spot and someone jumps out their car yelling that that was their spot. I having a CLH and having my weapon with must take control of the situation (they may or may not have a weapon) and I (you) offer the parking spot to them, saying give me a minute and I will move my vehicle and them have the parking spot. That does not make you lesser a person, man or woman it makes you in control of the situation. ‘Second Amendment if just’.
    When my wife and I so to the store I look around vehicles, doorway, over my shoulder and at the same time I am watching her and checking people that are approaching that may be acting a little strange. I will defend my wife, myself in the advent of a situation and I would also give my life in defense of you.
    I do believe that the person that is carrying in a legal manner should also prepare themselves for anything that may happen, by learning more about the weapon they are carrying and shooting more often, not just when they have to renew. If the situation does arise, you cannot just shoot, you are responsible where that bullet goes, what is behind the perpetrator, do you have a clear shot or will using your cell to call 911 be a better idea. There are bad guys out there that may shoot as much as 1,000 rounds a week just so they can stop the police from stopping them.
    There are enough gun laws on the books. Look at Washington DC, proof that banning firearms do not work. The criminals have a field day there because they have no one to resist them, OH you say the police, but the police in Washington DC have not been able to stop, control anything but the honest citizen from having a gun. Washington DC is the crime capital of the US of A. Other countries have banned firearms and look what is going on there, criminals still have them. Not much difference in people is this country getting drunk and getting behind the wheel of a deadly vehicle. Still is a deadly weapon.
    Enforce the current laws on the books would be the best option. We as a country and government seem to think in terms that we may offend someone if we say NO or that is against the LAW.
    Some people say guns kill people. Now try this get several people around a table and lay a loaded weapon on the table and tell the gun to kill someone. I will give you odds that the gun will just lay there until a human being picks it up and points it at someone and pulls the trigger.
    What is need more are instructions on how to ‘safety’ handle firearms. I remember when I was growing up my dad taught all 7 of kids that guns are a tool and must be treated with respect. Taught us how to handle, shoot them and not to play with them and never point a gun at anyone unless you intended to do harm. Once again training, practice, and think about what you are doing. If you say going to a range cost too much then purchase a video on personal handgun training, there are several very good videos or join the NRA and take lessons, work with someone you know that is more advance in handling firearms, but above all make yourself, kids aware of firearms and there capability.
    There is nothing more I enjoy that going to the range and shooting at 3, 7, & 15 yards to see if I have the control to make the holes touch, my wife I will have to say can out shoot me at time. Her dad taught all his kid how the handle and shoot firearms.

  97. If there was a heavier version on gun control in the U.S.A., if we banned the second amendment, then I believe i would be forced to crush your skull with a 2×4. Your thinking banning guns are the answer to nonviolence. Your wrong. think of how the world was before the invention of firearms.(Or 2×4’s).

  98. I think websites and shops should ask to have a look at your permit before you are able to buy a gun. In some cases were it looks like a fraud they shold call the local police to check their permits.

    I don’t mind guns, i just don’t want them carried around by lunatics.

  99. Chris Rock should stick to comedy and leave philosophy to someone else! Like to people that know what they are talking about such as Major Caudill!

    The Gun is Civilization
    > by Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)
    > Human beings only have two ways to deal with one
    > another: reason and force. If you want me to do
    > something for you, you
    > have a choice of either convincing me via
    > argument, or force me to do your bidding under
    > threat of force. Every human interaction falls into
    > one of those two
    > categories,without exception. Reason or force,
    > that’s it.
    > In a truly moral and civilized society, people
    > exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has
    > no place as a valid d
    > method of social interaction, and the only thing
    > that removes force from the menu is the personal
    > firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.
    > When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by
    > force. You have to use reason and try to persuade
    > me, because I have a
    > way to negate your threat or employment of force.
    > The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a
    > 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound
    > mugger, a 75-year old
    > retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang
    > banger,
    > and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of
    > drunk guys with
    > baseball bats. The gun removes the disparity in
    > physical strength, size,
    > or numbers between a potential attacker and a
    > defender.
    > There are plenty of people who consider the gun
    > as the source of bad force equations. These are the
    > people who think
    > that we’d be more civilized if all guns were
    > removed from society, because a firearm makes it
    > easier for a [armed] mugger to do his job. That, of
    > course, is only true
    > if the mugger’s potential victims are mostly
    > disarmed either by choice or by legislative
    > fiat–it has no validity when most of a mugger’s
    > potential marks are
    > armed.
    > People who argue for the banning of arms ask for
    > automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the
    > many, and that’s the
    > exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger,
    > even an armed
    > one, can only make a successful living in a society
    > where the state has
    > granted him a force monopoly.
    > Then there’s the argument that the gun makes
    > confrontations lethal that otherwise would only
    > result in injury. This
    > argument is fallacious in several ways. Without guns
    > involved,
    > confrontations are won by the physically superior
    > party inflicting
    > overwhelming injury on the loser.
    > People who think that fists, bats, sticks, or
    > stones don’t constitute lethal force watch too much
    > TV, where people
    > take beatings and come out of it with a bloody lip
    > at
    > worst. The fact that the gun makes lethal force
    > easier works sole ly in favor of the weaker
    > defender, not the stronger
    > attacker. If both are armed, the field is level.
    > The gun is the only weapon that’s as lethal in
    > the hands of an octogenarian as it is in the hands
    > of a weight lifter.
    > It simply wouldn’t work as well as a force equalizer
    > if it wasn’t both
    > lethal and easily employable.
    > When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am
    > looking for a fight, but because I’m looking to be
    > left alone.The gun at
    > my side means that I cannot be forced, only
    > persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid,
    > but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t
    > limit the actions
    > of those who would interact with me through reason,
    > only the actions of those who would do so by
    > force. It removes force from the equation…and
    > that’s why carrying a
    > gun is a civilized act.
    > By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)

  100. Law abiding citizens should be allowed to carry guns anywhere they want (including schools). On the other hand, I think anyone who purchases a firearm should be required to present proof of having gone through a firearms safety course. Guns are only dangerous to the general public when they are in the hands of an untrained individual or a criminal.

    If more people carried firearms, crime levels would drop dramatically. Why does Washington D.C. have one of the highest crime rates in the country? Because they have a ban on guns. Gun bans only take guns away from good, honest people. Criminals will only lose their guns when they get caught by law enforcement. Furthermore, gun free zones give criminals the upper hand because the law abiding folks won’t carry their guns into the gun free zones. Gun free zones should be outlawed.

    Please join the NRA and show your support for freedom!

  101. Want Gun Control? USE BOYH HANDS!!!
    Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!
    Hey why not have knife, baseball bat, tire iron, etc. CONTROL!!!
    Where’s the common sense gone in this world?
    You want to place blame somewhere, blame the MEDIA, GAMES, etc.
    Violence in, Violence out!
    Think on THAT!

  102. The reason law abiding people WANT firearms was most eloquently stated by Col. Jeff Cooper: “An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.” If you are unarmed, you can only be a victim when evil selects you as its target. It is the God given right of self protection that drives our desire for firearms.

  103. Hanibal killed 80,000 Roman soldiers in one day. Not a single firearm was used. Think on that.

  104. Reply to “unknown” who said this:
    I think websites and shops should ask to have a look at your permit before you are able to buy a gun. In some cases were it looks like a fraud they shold call the local police to check their permits.

    Websites take a look at peoples permits? what permit? you dont need a permit to own a fire arm. this is America, all you need is a age 18 or over to own a rifle and 21 or over to own a pistol. you only need a permit to carry a concealed handgun in public.

    Also, not only is what you said totally discarded by what i said above. it is also WAY unnecessary.. did you know to buy a fire arm of the “websites” YOU cant even do it.. you have to go to a local fire arm dealer and have them send all their federal firearms dealer license information to the “website” by mail, then you need to have the firearm sent to the dealer with an FFL Federal Firearms License, and before you can even have the firearm shipped to the dealer they have to confirm that you have passed the background check that they ran on you. of course you will have to pay the required fees that the local dealer charges for all this crap.

    point being, buying a firearm off the “websites” is much more hassle and has just the same if not a little MORE requirements to meet than buying a firearm straight from the local dealer.

    It is nice that you dont mind good law abiding people owning guns, and that its just the “wackos” that your worried about. I would thing all of us are.

    The only two ways i can see a “wacko” getting a gun is either off their buddy illegal/stolen firearms dealer, or by buying a ligament one off a private citizen out of an ad placed in the news paper where a back ground check is not required. I just recently bought my self a .308 handgun from a private citizen out of an ad in the news paper, all he did was look at my drivers license and copy the license number, name and address down to keep on file in case the police show up at his door one day saying, hey we found this gun on a crime seen and its registered to you. because here in WA state you are not required by law to register a firearm that you bought from a private owner.

  105. Geez people. If you don’t like guns and don’t want to own guns, DON’T BUY THEM. But don’t tell me and other law abiding gun owners that we can’t own and use them in our own defense (and probably yours someday).

  106. I was one of 50,000 when that question was asked in this country. Why do we need pistols. They had our names and addresses as well as a list of the guns we had. Our answers were not good enough or they ere never going to get a hearing. We were abolished, our collections, our hobby and, in some instamces our livlyhoods. Think carefully before you yackle that right in America. The abolishionists will never settle for a compromise. It will be abolition.

    How did it affect gun crime? It has gonethrough the roof.

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