Dance, Mutherf*cker, Dance!

I didn’t see the film “Planet B-Boy” at the Tribeca Film Festival, which just ended here last week, partly because I’m too cheap to pay $18 for a flick that I’m sure will pick up major distribution. It’s a documentary about the international breakdancing scene culminating with (naturally) a final dance battle in which “there can be only one.”* I honestly had no idea it had become such a graceful and complex artform with clear styles emerging from each respective region.

You guys know how much I love clips of people dancing all over the planet (see post “What is the Sound of One Man Dancing”). No offense to the amazing dancing Matt, but make no mistake, these guys here are serious athletes. This is guaranteed to make you want to move.

My friend Neil Ruiz, who is currently completing his PhD in Political Economy at MIT via a fellowship at the Brookings Institute in DC used to be part of a filipino breakdancing team. He was the headspinner.

*Anytime I can slip in a reference to Highlander, I will do so.


~ by Jeff on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dance, Mutherf*cker, Dance!”

  1. Jeff, you just made my day…it brought me back to my younger days 🙂 Check out the breakin’ convention in london:

  2. Dang, break dancing should be an Olympic Sport! Forget about rhythmic gymnastics. Thanks for the heads up on this flick, Jeff. Have you see Once? Totally different, but I thought of you when I heard about it. (Don’t know much about it, so I hope that’s not insulting. Just heard someone, whose sense of culture I respect, say she really liked it.)

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