Argentine Cow Fights Diabetes! No word on how it tastes.


The Argentines have done it again. First, Maradona’s Hand of God, then the mass cultural glorification of grilled meats, and now the inevitable marriage of the two: a genetically modified clone cow that creates milk containing insulin.

Pharmaceutical company Bio Sidus has “birthed” four calves, christened Patagonia I, II, III, & IV. Their goal is to lower the cost of insulin by 30%.

Speaking of Argentine cows, I must wax poetic of my recent visit to an amazing Argentine steakhouse in the East Village, Buenos Aires, on 6th st between Aves & B. Grassfed Uruguayan beef (sadly, there is a ban on Argentine beef in America), and the best steak I’ve had for under $20.



~ by Jeff on May 15, 2007.

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